Monday, December 21, 2009

Win $500 from Marvin's Organic Gardens

Today is the day! The big day! The day we announce how you can WIN $500 towards a landscape job from Marvin's Organic Gardens!

We know that it is cold outside - and today, there is even snow on the ground. But think about April and May - when the sun is out and the ground is starting to get warm. New growth is showing up all around you. Your neighbors are in their yards preparing their beds and mowing their lawns. WAIT! You take a look around your yard and it is NOT looking like what you want it to look at. Actually - you have been looking at it this way for a few years but haven't done anything about it. You are just so busy that you haven't had time - and even if you did have the time, you would have no idea about how to even start.

Well, before you just start tearing things out of your yard and pouring gravel over all your grass so you don't have to worry about it anymore, Marvin's Organic Gardens wants to help you - by giving away $500 to one lucky Facebook Fan, to use towards their landscaping job this Spring. That's right - $500 to start the makeover in your yard.

All you have to do to be entered to win is become a Fan of Marvin's Organic Gardens on Facebook. Here's the deal though - we MUST have 650 Fans by January 15th, 2010 in order to give away the prize - and we need your help to do this. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers to become Fans of Marvin's Organic Gardens on Facebook. The easiest way to do this is by going to the Marvin's Organic Gardens page on Facebook and clicking on the "Suggest To Friends" button on the top left of your screen (right under our logo). Then, you can select everyone you want to send a suggestion to.

Want another way to be entered to win? Leave a comment on our blog and we will enter your name in to the drawing again! If you leave 5 comments, we will enter your name 5 more times! You still have to be a Facebook fan, but this gives you additional chances to win that $500!

Here are the rules:
1. Promotion is running from December 21st through January 31st.
2. In order for us to give away this prize, we MUST have AT LEAST 650 fans by January 31st, 2010!
3. You MUST be a fan of Marvin's Organic Gardens on Facebook to be entered to win.
4. This prize is non-transferable and cannot be split between multiple people.
5. The prize is $500 to be used towards a landscape job with Marvin's Organic Gardens.
6. Prize will be announced and winner will be contacted by February 15th, 2010.

Got questions, email Audrey and she can answer all your questions.
Thank you for all your support and good luck!


Rebecca said...

Please, Please, Pleeeeese pick me!!

MrsSpock said...

We love our new organic lawn you did this year, and would love a chance for more landscaping...

T. Banks Wilkinson said...

I will do all I can to suggest new friends for Marvin's Organic Gardens!! I already have MOG stickers on my car!! We are so lucky to have Marvin's here in southwest Ohio!!

SpclK said...

I love the friendly service, advice on the particular plants I have, and offer of assistance anytime I need help. Best of all, I love the fact that Marvin's Organic Gardens is just! I'm so blessed to have you folks within a half hour's distance.

Barry said...

we would love some additional trees plants help from Marvin's please enter us!

Barry said...

We would love some help from Marvins- trees plants everything!!!
Help us Please

The Animal Peddler said...

great promotion -- I just became a Fan on you on Facebook and follow your blog. Looking forward to spring...especially if won this contest. we have a big project we're hoping to complete this summer. Crossing my fingers...

Alicia Sanders said...

I discovered Marvin last year when I wanted to recycle my Christmas tree! I fell in love! This year I met Lucy - great girl. I sure hope I win this because my yard really needs a little pick me up! I can't wait to work in the yard again!